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SADC/Government Programme

The Southern African Development Community – Regional Environmental Education Programme (SADC REEP) is a Centre of Excellence of SADC whose mission is to facilitate human capacity development for environment, sustainability, human and ecosystem resilience.  

Since its inception in 1997 the SADC REEP has been implemented by WESSA, chosen by SADC as the preferred executing agent.

The programme realises its outcomes through change-oriented learning and training, trans-boundary networking, collaborative research, resource materials development and policy support. Various sectors are participating including government, cross-border natural resources & water management, agriculture, local authorities, teacher & higher education and schools among others. The aim is to build future capabilities for institutional and human agency, stewardship and leadership.

Programme contact details

Dr Jim Taylor, Director of Environmental Education
Tel 033 330 3931 ext 2138


Latest news

A new Climate Change Adaptation course for Transfrontier Conservation Areas in Southern Africa has just been launched.  The course focuses on interpreting climate data and implementing climate change adaptation strategies.  View the course flyer




Stepping up to Sustainability
Since 2010, WESSA, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has successfully implemented the Stepping Up to Sustainability project - an educationally-driven response to climate change. READ MORE…

Climate Change Adaptation in SADC Trans-frontier Conservation Areas Project
This project engages park managers and community leaders in Trans-frontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) in public participation in caring for the Earth through climate change adaptation and mitigation actions relevant to the TFCAs. The project aims to enhance knowledge, skills and agency (purposive action) among stakeholders in these important biodiversity zones to build resilience in human livelihoods and ecosystems against climate change impacts.  READ MORE….
ESD Mainstreaming in Teacher Education
WESSA has been supporting Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) across the SADC region. The aim of the ESD Mainstreaming process is to enhance agency for mainstreaming sustainability planning, learning and action; develop capacity; and train teachers. READ MORE…