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WESSA commends the City of Cape Town for their request to declare the city as a bioregion

Aug 22, 2014
Category: Press Release

WESSA (The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) commends the City of Cape Town for its request to Provincial government to declare Cape Town as a bioregion, a status - if granted - that should help conserve some of its nineteen national veld types.  Ten of these, such as Peninsula Shale Renosterveld and Cape Flats Sand Fynbos, are critically endangered.

WESSA is particularly pleased to see the intention to “protect and restore” being firmly stated.  So often the “balance between urban development and environmental protection” involves a steady succession of cumulative impacts that erodes natural capital and eco-system services. The need for restoration is well acknowledged.

The five pillar concept that the City currently uses to guide its decision making includes opportunity creation, safety, caring, inclusivity and efficient management. The recognition of biodiversity as a key asset to Cape Town underpinning much of its economic activity and physical functioning, suggests that these pillars should be founded in our natural environment and not built at its expense.

In the face of gloomy state of the environment reports it is heartening to see a large administrative body taking such an important step and WESSA is hopeful that the request will be favourably received and emulated by other cities. WESSA urges the public to become involved in the active realisation of this initiative.


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