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I am very proud to present

you with this portfolio of

capabilities, and trust that

you will find something

within these pages that


ignite your passion


Caring for the Earth.

Our rich heritage and background of

solid contributions to the Environment

is evidence of a substantial and

professional company Curriculum Vitae,

and forms the backbone of our

commitment to excellence when we

deal with customers, funders,

governments, members and corporate

organisations. At WESSA, excellence is

experienced as a great habit and mind

set, and continuous improvement of

our role as earthly custodians is seen as

normal behaviour.

WESSA’s origins are as a

membership-based organisation and

our footprint spans the whole of southern

Africa, where our collective impact to

social change and human behaviour

pertaining to the Environment comes

together around a common agenda

and shared metrics to track progress of

our impact.

Our core philosophy of

environmental education, training,

reflexivity and development shows the

way for changed human behaviour to

eventually impact positive change in

our country’s rich Biodiversity, stressed

Water resources and Water quality, and

Education system in crisis.

The solutions to any environmental

crisis will only be achieved through the

building of platforms for connections,

through the sharing of ideas and

information, through influencing others

to change behaviour and through

providing services to help meet

immediate needs. WESSA is well

experienced in working outside its own

boundaries in order to mobilise the

relevant sectors of our society to

reach our collective goal of Caring for

the Earth.

When you as the reader of this

portfolio decide to partner in one way

or the other with WESSA, you can be

assured that you are teaming up with a

stable, reputable and professional

change leader that continuously

manages its affairs along the lines of

the following sustainability principles:

We bring valuable assets to the table

and have much to offer to business,

government and other alliances.

We engage in advocacy to influence

selected environmental conservation

policy and events, and always base

this on our experience in programmes

operating on the ground and our

wide membership input.

We mobilise communities in

geographic areas to support their

local challenges.

We make the deliberate choice to

collaborate for the social good and

we are working from an abundance

mentality and not a narrow competitive


We always focus very sharply on what

not to do, we are not overweight in

taking on programmes and projects

for the sake of growth.

We are investing in overhead, despite

the pressure to look lean. NGOs can

no longer operate with a begging

bowl mentality, the Environmental

challenges are far too big to try to

effect change as a side-line

contribution. The challenges we all

face touch the core of the economy

on earth, the economy of the survival

of our planet which manifests in

neglected Biodiversity, depleted

Water resources, unemployed and

uneducated youth and communities

living in desperate poverty.

WESSA makes a difference. I invite

you to look inside and you will most

definitely find a programme or project

that speaks to you and your

organisation. I invite you to team up

with us in our quest to be Champions

of the Environment!

Dr Thommie Burger