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"Never doubt that a small

group of thoughtful,

committed citizens can

change the World. Indeed

it’s the only thing that

ever has."

Margaret Mead

Our Environmental Governance

Programme aims to promote effective

environmental governance in

South Africa. We can achieve this by

participating in the development of

legislation, and through supporting

compliance with environmental

legislation by credibly, publically and

actively responding to development

proposals, threats or incidents that

pose a significant risk to our

environment. This is often done in

partnership with others, across all

sectors of South African society.

The programme harnesses the

expertise amongst our conservation

staff and membership to develop key

policy on significant conservation and

environmental governance issues.

Another important aspect of our

Environmental Governance Programme

is human capacity development, in

empowering individuals and community

groups to be able to advocate for

environmental justice and sustainable

development. Many individual

members and membership branches

are advised and assisted by our

environmental governance staff when

tackling local and provincial issues.

We’ll continue to champion for

environmental justice and fair access to

sustainable natural resources, and

advocate for decision-making that is

transparent, employs the precautionary

principle and consults affected

communities in the pursuit of

sustainable development choices.


“We are currently, through our membership of the

iMfolozi Community & Wilderness Alliance, helping

to empower the Fuleni villagers to resist a coal mine

proposal that would displace them from their

ancestral lands and significantly impact on the

Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Wilderness area. We have also

recently raised considerable public awareness around

the complex issues that caution against international

trade in rhino horn.”