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A love for environmental education

In 2013 I participated in the Youth

Environmental Services (YES)

Programme, funded by the Department

of Environmental Affairs (DEA) and

implemented by WESSA in the

Western Cape. During the year-long

programme I was hosted by the

Cape Town Environmental Education

Trust (CTEET), where I assisted in

implementing Environmental Education

performance. These businesses range

from local municipalities and

environmental consulting firms, to

industry sectors such as forestry,

agriculture, mining, construction and


Understanding our environmental

rights and responsibilities as citizens

is key to contributing to how our

environment is managed for both

current and future generations. Such

issues are explored in the WESSA

Environmental Impact Assessment

course, where participants learn how

to engage in public participation

processes for better governance.

Environmental Educator courses are

also available through our flagship

qualification, the National Certificate:

Environmental Education, Training and

Development Practice (EETDP) at NQF

Eskom WESSA Energy & Sustainability

Programme. These long-standing

initiatives not only encourage

environmental learning in the classroom,

but they also reinforce good

environmental practices on the school

grounds themselves.

Addressing the need for skills

development and training in

South Africa

Our professional training unit offers an

extensive range of courses designed to

address the critical scarcity of skills

required to drive a green economy in

South Africa. Both accredited and

non-accredited options in the field of

occupationally-directed education and

training are available, with emphasis

placed on developing hands-on,

practical skills that allow people to

follow promising career paths into

the future.

The National Development Plan

recognises that improvements in the

quality of education, skills development

and innovation are key for a “capable

and developmental state”. Training has

been developed in line with the

legislative frameworks governing skills

development, and can be integrated

into workplace skills planning processes.

We offer a diverse range of innovative

training and materials development

services, which cut across our core

focus areas of environmental education,

water, biodiversity, energy, waste and

environmental legislation.

We’ve been a registered accredited

education and training provider since

2006 and were named as an Institute

of Sectoral or Occupational Excellence

in 2011.

Developing skills and improving

knowledge and intellectual

understanding of the environment

within local government is critical to

ensure effective service delivery and

the preservation of the ecological

infrastructure. Our Environment

Practices Short Skills programmes arm

participants with specific skills and

knowledge for career progression.

They’re suitable for anyone, from new

graduates to managers, and are

beneficial for any business sector

aiming to improve their environmental